Collecting and Reassembling | Group Show

Collecting and Reassembling | Group Show

Museum Richmond Art Gallery - Richmond | Canada

Exhibition Coordinator: Kathy Tycholis

287 artists from all over the world have contributed postcard-size artworks for the 2023 Mail Art Exhibition and Fundraiser.

Also known as postal art and correspondence art, mail art is an artistic movement centered on sending and sharing small-scale works through the postal service. Based on the principles of equal, one-to-one collaboration between artists, mail art has become a worldwide cultural movement for artists to share visual art, poetry, or any other artistic form through the postal system. Generally seen as an art movement that emphasizes artistic experimentation combined with humour, spontaneity, and simplicity of materials, it is an art form that is intended to bypass the usual gallery system. For many Mail Artists, the process of exchanging ideas and collaboration within a global community is valued above the aesthetic merits of the finished product, differentiating the Mail Art Network from the world of commercial postcards and of simply “mailed art”.

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