Judith Sturm becomes Art Ambassodor


Judith Sturm wird Kunstbotschafter

Sturm becomes Art Ambassodor for Germanies largest Organization of childrens hospice in Germany

Judith Sturm has in her own family experienced tragic losses of life through illness and knows first hand what it means to acompany a dying family member. As we all know, when a family member falls ill, the whole family falls ill also and when the illness is terminal, more so often families need to be acompanied during, and after the process of loosing that member. When it comes to children falling ill, the situation is usually unbareable for everyone involved. Bundesverband Kinderhospiz e.V. helps families cope with death and helps pulling families out of the social offside.

Judith Sturm is proud to have become one of 7 german Artists who will work as Ambassador for the organisation and has already started as Juror in an Artcompetiton for children. Visit the video here:

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